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Anne in a Frame

Welcome To Anne's Art & Design Space!

Hi, I’m Anne and welcome to my space – a space for creative entrepreneurs ready to transform their passions into successful, thriving businesses.

I understand the entrepreneurial journey is filled with challenges and opportunities alike. Whether you’re taking your first steps as an aspiring entrepreneur, a small business owner seeking growth, a creative professional aiming to stand out, or a freelancer keen to make your mark, I can guide you along the way.

I am a brand and business strategist and a business coach. I’m also a self-taught graphic designer, proficient in Canva. With over two decades of corporate leadership and a passion for creative design, I can help turn your business aspirations into tangible realities.

I offer practical branding, business, marketing solutions, and coaching specifically tailored to your unique needs. Don’t forget to check out my suite of digital products and tools.

Your journey to business success starts here, so contact me to have a chat.

Is This You?

Are you overwhelmed by everything you need to do to set up and run your small business?

Are you having trouble keeping up to date and doing everything possible to make it a success?

Don't know where to start?

Don't Know Where to Start

Don't have enough time?

Don't Have Enough Time

Don't have the budget?

Have a Limited Budget

Do You Struggle With Any Of These?

  1. Branding and Identity Development: Do you have difficulties in developing a strong, cohesive brand identity? This includes challenges in designing logos, choosing the right brand colors, and creating a consistent brand message that resonates with your target audience.
  2. Productivity and Mindset: Do you often wear multiple hats and struggle to manage your time effectively? Balancing the demands of business operations, marketing, customer service, and other roles can be overwhelming.
  3. Limited Resources and Budget Constraints: Do you usually have to operate with limited resources and budgets? This constraint makes it challenging for you to invest in professional branding or business consulting services, leading to a need for cost-effective solutions.
  4. Marketing Strategy and Execution: Do you understand how to market products or services effectively? This includes challenges in digital marketing, social media strategy, content creation, and understanding how to reach and engage your target market.
  5. Navigating the Digital Landscape: In today’s digital-first world, do you know how to effectively use digital tools for business operations, marketing, and brand management? This includes leveraging platforms like social media, creating a compelling online presence, and utilizing digital tools like Canva for design purposes.
Coaching Hub Problems

A Few Ways I Can Help You

Brand Differentiation and Identity

Have a clear, distinct brand identity that resonates with your target audience, setting you apart from competitors. Your brand will be in tune with your business!

Brand Style Guide

Time Management and Productivity

Achieve a better work-life balance, leading to increased productivity, efficiency and job satisfaction, without compromising personal well-being. 

Business Tools

Coaching and Resources

Save time & money working with me 1-1 on your brand, business & marketing solutions, and customized business templates. Let’s keep your business on the road to success.

Digital Templates

Goal Planning & Goal Tracking

We all have aspirations and a vision for the future. The Small Business Goal Planning and Goal Tracking Workbooks provide you with all the structure you need to set defined goals and objectives, create step-by-step action plans, and build a clear roadmap for success so that you can realize that future.

Whether you are an entrepreneur ready to take your first step into the business world, a seasoned business owner seeking to elevate your strategies and maximize growth, or a visionary ready to transform your ideas into future success stories, the Goal Planning and Goal Tracking Workbooks are for you.

The workbooks contain a series of checklists, infographics, worksheets, and guidelines that can help you set your goals and monitor your improvements. Our tracking tools enable you to evaluate your progress and keep you accountable. By tracking your progress and celebrating milestones, you will remain motivated to keep pushing yourself through towards success.

My Goal Planning and Tracking Workbooks are here to guide you every step of the way and offer you an all-inclusive toolkit to set, map, and track your business goals effectively. Unleash the potential of your business by embracing the power of successful goal planning and tracking with our workbooks today. Your vision starts here.

What People Say

Carmen’s Creative Works

This is an amazing package for creative entrepreneurs looking to have ready-made Canva templates for social media. The templates are easy to use and to customize to your own brand colours.

Anne is awesome to work with if you have any questions. I would highly recommend her products. What a great way to help with having content to post regularly.

Blackbird at Night

I love these gorgeous designs! It is really easy to change the text, images, and colours in Canva. I am fairly new to Canva, so I really appreciated the links to tutorials and the Canva tips and tricks.

These templates give me so many ideas for different types of posts I hadn’t thought of, and will make it so much easier creating new posts for IG from now on. Thank you!

Cleopatra’s Candles

I commissioned Anne to help me with a complete brand strategy for my new biz. She helped me identify my purpose, mission, and niche market, and all aspects of my visual branding – even down to the labels on my candles! She went the extra mile by helping me with my product range, promotional ideas, and customized social media templates. Sales are starting to really take off in a highly competitive market. I can’t recommend her highly enough!

"Write it. Paint it. Watch it. Create it. Learn it. Saute it, whatever. Just do it!"

Connect With Me

When you’re working solo, it can be difficult to find someone willing to talk about the business, whether it’s to solve a problem or just have a chat. I’ve been there! Family and friends do not always understand what you’re trying to achieve.

If this is you, I’d love to hear from you!

Send me a message and I’ll get straight back to you!

You can also find me at the social media links below.

A Gift from Me to You!
Goal Setting Toolkit

Many of us have aspirations and dreams for our personal and/or business lives. Unlock your best year yet.

Grab your FREE Goal Setting Toolkit today and start mapping out your path to success for the new year! 

Don’t Just Dream Your Vision For The Future, Achieve It!

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