DIY Your Biz Brand Identity Kit

Are you starting out and feeling overwhelmed by all the things you need to do to set up and brand your business?

Don’t stress! You don’t have to be an expert in branding! I’ve created the DIY Your Biz Brand Identity Kit to help you develop a complete visual brand identity for your small business.

The DIY Your Biz Brand Identity Kit walks you through a structured process to help you build a complete visual brand identity, including logos, from start to finish. You can also use it to rebrand an existing business.

Each stage is stepped out for you and is very simple to follow. The kit uses the core values of your business as the guiding principle behind your color choices.

At the end of the process, you will have a visual brand identity that aligns with your business’ purpose, mission and vision.



The DIY Your Biz Brand Identity Kit includes a complete Brand Guide (Canva template) with:

  • Guidelines for use
  • A place for you to include your mission, vision and tagline
  • A brand description including a description of the brand itself, color palette and psychology, possible industry uses and brand details/suggestions
  • A blank brand guide template
  • Sample logos and icons (these are customizable items that can be saved individually for use on your website, stationery, etc.)
  • A selection of suggested colors and neutrals (including hex codes) for use in your business
  • A selection of font pairing suggestions
  • Sample images, patterns and textures
  • A sample completed brand guide to help you visualize and put together your own brand guide.


The DIY Your Biz Brand Identity Kit also features a whole swag of bonuses, including:

  • A Color Psychology Guide with brief descriptions of the main colors and some of the values and emotions associated with them. It also identifies colors that work well with certain industries (PDF document)
  • An Images and Backgrounds file with 15 curated free images (under a commercial license) and 12 neutral background patterns/textures available in Canva (Canva template)
  • A customizable Your Business Mood Board (Canva template)
  • Two sets of high-resolution logo designs that can be customized or used as is (Canva template)
  • A set of customizable social media icons to use on your website, etc. (Canva template)
  • An Images and Licensing Guide with important information on how to use images, where to get free stock images, and licensing and copyright information (PDF document)
  • A coupon that gives you 50% off my Branding Your Small Business Workbook redeemable on Etsy or my web store!


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